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Following the demise of Barnaby and Mosaic I packed up playing for around two years and in fact during this time I hardly picked my guitar up at all.  In March 1975 our first child was born (Michelle).

Whilst visiting Marianne in hospital I met up with Ian Wells a fellow musician who was into acoustic and folk music.  I also liked Folk music and after chatting we teamed up with some friends to form a Folk Club in King's Lynn.

We started at The New Inn in South Wootton but soon moved to the Cozens Hotel which changed it's name to The Mildenhall, (It is no longer open).  Ian and I formed a duo using his surname we became  known as Wellie.  The Folk Club was very popular for a couple of years and we booked some very good Performers, like John Betmead & Derek Brimstone.

wellie small Ian and Merv (Wellie)
A local paper ran a story on the Folk Club and this picture was featured in the paper, I believe it was The Eastern Daily Press as I recall.

Here we are performing at The Cozens Hotel this was where with the help of my good friend Eddie Reed I started to learn and develop my finger picking
guitar style that I adapted to Country and still use today.

There were some excellent local musicians who came along and gave us some songs, I remember that Eddie Reed who I  greatly admired as a Guitarist gave us some memorable performances.  His version of the John Prine song "Sam Stone" still has a big place in my heart.

Eddie was very helpful and patient and took the time to teach me lot's of things on the guitar.  This was a great help and we developed into great friends.

The Folk Club Gang
From left to right

Ian Wells, Sue Wells, Merv, Ronnie, Glen Auker & Annie Auker.

This was the team that ran the folk club, unfortunately I have lost touch with them now, let's hope they're keeping well.
Click on either images to see bigger versions.

gang small

There was also a super guitar player called Phil La-Selles, Please excuse the spelling.  He was excellent at the finger picking style and ragtime approach, I have since heard he suffered some illness and may no longer be playing, does any body know where Phil is now ?

Did you go to the folk club have you any memories or photo's to share ?
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