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I went to Tilney All Saints Primary School, just outside King's Lynn, the village is most famous for it's golf course. It was a small school we only had around 80 pupils in total.

It was a very friendly school and I spent my time there with the same group of friends and we all became very close.

I didn't mind junior school too much, it was quite fun, I looked forward to Fridays when we would go swimming then by the time we got back half the day was already gone.

This picture was taken in 1984, Michelle and I went to the same schools, we both got very different things out of school, Michelle loved to learn new things. I loved running around the field and playing cricket, that was about it. that's where my joy of school started and finished.


This picture was taken in 1987, it was the first time I was allowed to smile on a school picture because I had finally got my teeth back.

Both my sister and I had long hair down to our waist and I always had to wear it tied back, apart from photo days I was allowed to leave it down, isn't it crazy the things that you remember.

After Tilney I went To Terrington St Clements High School. There were around 500 students. I never really enjoyed school, I had no interest in learning, I enjoyed Science and Art, PE was my favourite lesson I couldn't wait for PE.

I wasn't really naughty at school just cheeky, I can remember being asked to leave the maths class 4 weeks in a row and my tutor who was our PE Teacher just said Futter, what am I going to do with you, if I punished you with running around the field you would be the only person I know who would smile.

prefects I don't know how I managed It but somehow I was made a prefect at the school ha ha. I think Mum and Dad thought I'd beat somebody up and stole the badge of them.
Well Almost!!

Well I didn't win any awards at the school for great achievements but I did leave with Nine GCSE's which was quite a shock considering I hadn't done much there, now looking back If I'd have knuckled down then life would have been easier later.

But I had plans I wanted for some crazy reason  to join the police force, that's what I had wanted to do for years.

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