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Mum and Dad

Mum And Dad met when they were 17 and got Married at 21, I'm not telling you how old they are but Mum could have  killed Dad twice and been out of prison already for the time they have been married, and believe me sometimes she has  felt like it.

This Picture was taken in 2002,

This is my sister Michelle who is 3 years older than me, here she is with her son and of course my nephew, Isaac.

That's right I'm now Auntie Maria, isn't that great !

Michelle moved away from home at about the age of 19, she moved to work in Norwich, then London and finally up north to near Manchester so we don't see that much of each other now.


My beloved Fergus Lynch, we met at a Country Music weekend down in Cornwall, started going out together from then really. He's originally from Southern Ireland just outside Dublin but at the time was living in Oxford. We got engaged in 2000 whilst out in Majorca, he even got down on one knee. It was quite cold that day, he even gave me his jacket a true gentlemen. He didn't get much choice!!!

We have always been a family of animal lovers and for as long as I can remember we have always had pets, These were my two dogs they were my pride and joy.

This is Bow pictured here at 7 years old, he was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, look at the wide mouthed frog grin.


Here she is My baby, her name was Brontie but we still called her Puppy. She was  nearly 6 in this photo.

Brontie was also a Stafforshire Bull Terrier and she was an absolute sweetheart, she was like a baby, she loved her cuddles, she had beautiful Brindle Markings.
Sadly we've lost them both now but they had a wonderful life and enriched ours so much.

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