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Rolling Along

rolling-alongRolling Along - If You're Ever Down In Dallas - I've Been Better - I Keep Forgetting - Getting Over You - I Just Might Be - I Just Want My Baby Back - Closer - Golden Years - Some Things I Know - Louisiana Saturday Night - See You On The Other Side - Ain't Love A Lot Like That - Do You Feel For Me - £6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMMM-0501 - Produced 2005 - UK Orders Only Please

Live Vol 1

livevol1I Meant Every Word She Said - I Need A Breather - Brokenheartsville - The River - Come Dance With Me - Loving You Makes Me A Better Man - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - One Step Forward - Think Of Me - California Blue - Land Of Enchantment - Who Did You Call Darlin' - Just In Case - Seven Spanish Angels - Old Love Letters/I Wouldn't Change You If I Could - Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again - Somebody Like You - Tulsa Time - Adalida - Every Little Thing - £6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCDMM0401 - Produced 2004 - UK Orders Only Please

Chasing Rainbows

rainbowsSowin' Love, Smile, That's The Way Love Goes, Falling Is Easy, Love Me A Little Bit Longer, Speed Of Sound Of Loneliness, Somewhere In My Broken Heart, Well All Right, After All, Who Were You Thinking Of, West Texas Waltz, There's No Stoppin' Us Now, Oh Lonesome Me, I Know A Heartache, What A Memory You'll Make, Seein' My Father In Me.
£4.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCD-MM04
Produced 2002 - UK Orders Only Please

Partners In Time

partnersNever say die - Never again, again - Louisiana way- Blue days - Horizontal desire - Rose of my heart - I just wanna dance with you - Could I have this dance - Silver wings - Island - What I've got in mind - Somewhere between - Kookabura blues - From a jack to a king - He drinks tequila - Together again
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCDMM03
Produced 2001 - UK Orders Only Please

Life Is Just A Journey

journeyLife is just a journey - It'll be too soon - Mr lonely - Plan for your tomorrows - Everything you need - Proud to be her man - Two's company - I'll sing this song - Lord won't you (please take care of me ) - Then & now - I'm under your spell - Gentle warm & kind
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCDMM02
Produced 2001 - UK Orders Only Please

Forever In Blue Jeans

blue jeansForever in blue jeans - Rio grande - Beatin' my head against the wall - Refried dreams - 29 nights - Wings of a dove - The bed you made for me - There'll never be anyone else - Commitment - Lodi - Ol' lonesome - Walkin' talkin' cryin' barely beatin' broken heart - Walk that line - Heartaches by the number - And later on - No time at all - All that heaven will allow - Just in case - Mississippi - Breakin' it.
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCDMM01 - Produced 2000 - UK Orders Only Please

You ARe No Angel

angelI never did know - Making believe - One night at a time - Back on my mind again - Crazy arms -Garden party - Native american - Ladder of love - Blue rose is - Bye bye travellin' blues - The strangest dream - If I could make a living out of loving you - The cowboy rides away -Smokey places - You are no angel - Blue clear sky - We believe in happy endings - Run for the border - When you say nothing at all - Gonna get a Life.
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCD9801 - Produced1998 - UK Orders Only Please

I Ride A Horse

rideahorseI Ride A Horse - Ribbon Of Highway - Sweet Maria - Circles - Plan For Your Tomorrows - Swinging Doors
£5.00 - Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMMM-0501
Produced 1999 - UK Orders Only Please

Circle Of Life

circleThere Goes My Heart - Mississipi - Silver Wings - Blue Ridge Mountain Girl - My Baby Loves Me Just The Way That I Am - Promises - Thank God For The Radio - Close All The Honky Tonks - Who Do You Know In California - Seven Spanish Angels - Tonight We Might Just Fall In Love Again - Dad’s Song - Dearest Mother - Blue Eyes.
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJMCD9601
Produced 1996 - UK Orders Only Please

Blue Wing

blue-wingBlue Wing - Birmingham Turnaround - The Fields Of Athenry - Drift Away - I’ll Die Young - I Just Wanna Dance With You - Till’ A Tear Becomes A Rose - There’s A Tear In My Beer - I Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried - Gospel Medley - From Me To You - Sweet Wild Roses - Dales Song - Burning Love - From Children Into Lovers.
£6.00 Inc UK Postage - Cat No: MJM95CD01
Produced 1995 - UK Orders Only Please

We only post within the UK No International orders please.


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