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Hello everybody ,

merv jdean smallWelcome to my own little area on our website, a bit of space, some peace and quiet, you see she's not allowed in here. We all need our own space don't we, and this is mine,  but you're welcome here anytime, stay a while, have a look around.

What you will find here is very much up to you as I plan to develop it along with your suggestions and requests.  I suppose my initial idea was a kind of scrap book of my life and musical career.
I need help, so come on send in your suggestions, help me out.
e-mail me here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Your suggestions could come in the form of questions which while I ponder the answer will help me to develop different areas and pages for Merv's Place.

It sounds like a Fish & Chip shop doesn't it, "Merv's Place."

Please use the menu dispayed on the left side to navigate your way round Merv's Place.


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