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Maria Runs For Cystic Fibrosis Trust - 5hrs 1 min


I have to say it was just one of the best experiences of my life, people kept saying to me that you will see all the sights of London whilst running and if I'm honest, I only saw Big Ben right at the finish, there was just so much going on around me all the time, I just couldn't take it all in.

The runners around me changed about every 10 minutes as people dropped off and others came forward, the costumes were just amazing and your heart went out to those runners, the crowds were just awesome the whole way along the 26.2 miles, It was just fantastic, I loved it, every minute of it and even the rain didn't spoil it one bit.

It started to rain about mile 7 and it really fell for quite a while but it was OK as it had started to get quite warm so the rain was a welcomed relief.

I was just surrounded by runners as far as the eye could see, everybody was laughing and the atmosphere was just fantastic, we didn't give two hoots about the rain.

We went through a long tunnel where it was just wide enough for runners no spectators and the sound of pounding feet was just incredible. 

Then I thought my dad was there as somebody at the front shouted Oggie, Oggie, Oggie and I think every runner in that tunnel replied it was just great.

maria 2

I saw Mum & Dad and Fergus for the first time at mile 11 where I do have to admit I did look a bit like a drowned rat.

I did have my mobile phone in my pocket so I was able to text them just to let them know the mile I was at, to look out for me, They then text me back to say run on the left, because afterwards they said with the sea of faces coming towards them they just wouldn't have had a hope of seeing me.

It was great to see them they were jumping up and down and also looking very much like drowned rats too ha ha

I saw so many wonderful costumes and my hat goes off to all of them because it's hard enough without a costume but I saw: Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Buzz Lightyear, Giant Beer Bottles, The Wombles and I'm quite pleased to say that I overtook both the lady on stilts and the 101 year old man.

The highlight had to be at mile 16 when I came around the corner and there were the Maasai Warriors stood on the side of the road. Everybody was grabbing their phones and taking pics of them, then about 1/2 mile down the road was this mass of jingling and chanting as the warriors were back on the road and catching us up.

I ran beside them for about 4 mile and when the crowds could hear them coming and once they saw what it was they just went wild, at one point I was even running in the middle of them, they were just fantastic.


At 17 miles I started to struggle and I have to say it started to hurt, It also started to rain again for the 2nd time and this time it was really heavy, it wasn't quite so much fun the 2nd time for some reason.

I had a blister starting as my feet had got so wet my socks had started to wrinkle inside my trainers.

Mile 18 and 19 were also just hard work, By this time I really had to start digging deep, it was still raining but the crowds were amazing they kept cheering us on, they never once left the streets through all the rain and boy did it rain.

Then came the dreaded mile 20 that I had heard so many horror stories about, which if I'm honest I had been dreading. I knew Mum & Dad & Fergus were at 21 which I was really looking forward to seeing again so it gave me a second wind and mile 20 seemed to just fly.

The rain finally stopped around mile 23 and by this time I could start to allow myself to dream of the finish line.

I started to feel really good again and mile 23, 24 and 25 just seemed to fly by, it was hard work though because by this time so many people were walking you were having to weave your way around them.

The crowds were just willing everybody on, then there it was as I turned the corner and headed into the Mall the beloved mile 26 marker which meant there was only 385 yards to go.

maria 3

I just couldn't believe how good my legs felt, It took me 5hrs 1 min, I had ran the whole Marathon 26.2 miles without stopping something, I would have never thought possible and there is was in front of me that famous finish, I just couldn't believe I had finally done it.

As I crossed the line and headed toward getting my medal we had to stop at a barrier to get our time chips removed from our shoes, I was stood there for about 2 minutes and when I went to walk away, the pain just hit me and I could hardly walk, I couldn't get my head around only 2 minutes ago I was running flat out and now it's agony.

All I can say is what a day and I thought of every one of you from mile 17 onwards when it really started to hurt, I shall certainly bring my medal with me next time I see you all, it has to go with me everywhere with me now, which might make swimming a bit difficult.

I can't thank you all enough for your support as you all know I was running in memory of my dear friend Nikki Cowen who lost her life to Cystic Fibrosis aged only 20 years old.

When I first took on the challenge I was hoping to raise over £1000 maybe £1500 but never quite imagined for one minute that it would be looking more like £6000 for Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart

You can keep an eye of the final total raised on my online sponsorship page



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