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asult1 I had decided that I wanted to join the police, so enrolled at the Norfolk College Of Arts And Technology on a Uniformed Services Course. The course was only for one year and worked on improving your fitness and Team work Skills.

These Pictures were taken of us completing the Assault course.

I really enjoyed the course we not only worked on fitness but completed survival courses, and outdoor activities courses.

This picture was of the 12ft wall, it was Ok when taking your time but in a timed trial they just pushed us over which yes did hurt if you fell off.


The Dreaded Monkey bars, if you fell off you had to return to the beginning. They were all right when you got your rhythm you just hoped nobody stopped in front of you.

To improve team work they used to make us compete against other teams at Cross Country, Assault Courses, Log Runs, Orienteering.

We didn't know how we managed but we had a great group and we ended up winning all the competitions and taking home the trophies.

The course was coming to an end and I'd enjoyed my time at the college, I was starting to have doubts that the Police Force was for me. So I enrolled on a 2 Year Course GNVQ In Leisure & Tourism.

Whilst I was at the college I played Volleyball for the College Team, I started playing volleyball at about 13 with the King's Lynn team, we were all around the same age as we started College together.  The Volleyball Coach couldn't believe his luck, a whole team which had trained together for years.

I had some of my best Volleyball years at the college, we had a great coach I had the chance to complete a 3 year Diploma In Volleyball Excellance, which meant I was able to train everyday with top coaches.  We had a bright Kit didn't we.



The Team was a great team, we had some wonderful years together and lot's of fun.
We won the National Silver Medal twice in a Row and became Sports Team Of The Year

I was delighted to be made Captain of the Team, this was our last year really playing together.

We had our hearts set on winning the Gold Medal and worked hard everyday training to make sure when we went to Sheffield we didn't come home without it.

Our Dreams came true when we played our hearts out and we were made National Champions.

Things got even better as I was named Sports Woman Of The Year, I was so pleased as there were so many fine Sports Women.

I only got to keep the trophy for a year but It stood in pride of place on my unit.

After completing the GNVQ I decided to study for an HND In Leisure Management, It was another 2 year course which I enjoyed from day one. We studied so many different modules, Sports Related Fitness, Coaching, Outdoor Activities, Country Side, Law, Health And Fitness, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.

I had a great five years at college, not bad for somebody who didn't like school but being able to study in the areas I had interests in made is so much different.
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