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This collection of pictures I have chosen from some of my fondest
childhood memories, every picture as I looked through made me chuckle.


My sister is only 3 years older than me but we were and still are very different children, while my sister was inside reading books, and drawing, I was always outside on my own either half way up a tree or up to my neck in mud.

My mum believed I should have always been a boy, constantly scraping my knees and elbows.

My dad has even said my sister was a complete angel compared to me, they only had to turn their back and I was climbing and jumping off something else.

As long as I can remember I have always loved horses, we used to have an old tree trunk laying in the garden and I would spend hours pretending it was a horse and just sitting on it with an old bit of rope for reins.

My mum made me this hobby horse and I just loved it, I then spent all my time trotting around the garden and jumping little show jumps that I made myself.


This was my most favourite toy, see what I mean about being a tomboy, I had that tractor for years, many a time I would race it around the house and smack my mother in the ankles with it, It would go really really fast.

It even has a little trailer and I used to help my dad when he cut the hedges I'd load my trailer with about 2 twigs it probably took him longer to clear up with me helping.

I remember my sister breaking the steering wheel off it.
I still haven't forgiven her for it.

We had two goats and I can remember being woken up when one of them was having kids, This picture was taken of our kids, they were great fun. They could balance on anything and they would run all over the garden eating everything.

We look like a real farmer family there don't we.

usandsnow When I was a child it used to snow and snow for weeks, this pictures just shows the difference in me and my sister, she only has snow on her gloves, I have snow from head to toe. I have some great memories of the fun we used to have in the snow, here we are with one of many snow men
When we were children most of family holidays used to be spent in Wales with family we have there.

We had some fantastic times there, and this is one of my favourite photos, that big rock was right at the top of a mountain opposite where we stayed, one of the last times we went there you weren't able to get to it for the brambles, I think I fell down that mountain, more scrapes.
me&horse Boswell a beautiful horse, just one problem, he was terrified of everything, hedges, cars, jumps,cones.

A great horse to teach you the importance of using your legs to stay on, he was always trying to chuck me of.
me&mich1 I Just can't be trusted Mum was trying to get some nice pictures of Me And My Sister. I get bored very quickly me&mich2
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