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This is the very first band I was in, they were originally called Black Mood I think, a bit of a dark name wasn't it.
barnabyI used to roadie for the band and was teaching myself to play guitar at the same time. One of the band decided to leave (Spud) and I was offered the chance of joining, which of course I leapt at.

We became Barnaby and built up a good local following playing in a mainly Blues and Rock style. We used to do a lot of Status Quo and Slade covers as I recall. We had great fun.
Back row left to right.
Steve Partiker (Spec) as we called him, a very young and slim looking Merv the Swerv.
Front row left to right, Pete Griggs and Nigel (Hayman).

Spec played Bass, Pete played Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals. Hayman was our drummer and very good he was too. I played Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Picture taken at Tenons Sports & Social Club
Hardwick Estate, King's Lynn by Mr Alan Hall

This is the only picture I have of the band, has any body got some or can you remember ever seeing us at a Gig,
please let me know. e-mail

The time spent with Barnaby was a very exciting time, we were good mates together, we all had day jobs and music was a hobby although it was one we took very seriously.

We never took wages, instead we used all the money earned to buy new equipment and a van etc. We gradually built up our following and had good equipment. I remember we bought a large PA from a chart band called, Blackfoot Sue, they had had a big hit with "Standing In The Road".

Spec was great fun and as strong as an ox, Nigel was a natural drummer, he'd never even played before he joined the band, a powerful drummer and as most seemed to be, he was prone to being temperamental at times. Pete was our lead guitarist and lead vocalist and also fronted the band at this time.

I was on rhythm guitar and some vocals, the band was an excellent opportunity for me to learn the skills that I draw on today. I worked hard on learning the Guitar and gradually did more singing.

We became very popular and played many village halls and clubs around Norfolk, Cambridge & Suffolk, we even signed a management deal at the time with R&B Promotions from Loddon.

Gradually the Disco scene started to take over and we got less work, and by this time were looking in new directions any way. sadly Nigel left the band and we were lucky to replace him with Brian Everitt from Methwold, also an excellent musician, then after a while Spec decided to leave and things just didn't seem right any more. We carried on for a while but it wasn't the same without Spec.

Barnaby decided to call it a day, I feel we left our mark and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, I learnt so much from being in that band and would like to thank all the guys for their friendship, I hope they have fond memories of those times as well.


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