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Born on 24th July 1978, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
King's Lynn, Norfolk, weighing a whopping 9lbs,
A second daughter for Mum & Dad.

I always say after me they couldn't improve on perfection that's why they didn't have any more. Mum & Dad always say after me they couldn't cope with anymore and that's why they didn't have anymore.

Here I am balanced on my big sisters knee, see she does love me!!

Look at me here, with my little cheeky grin,
I started off such a cheerful child.

I don't know how old I was here but not very old,
hardly changed at all have I?


I look like I was really impressed to be having my
picture taken don't I, Wait for it, it gets better!!

The photographer gave me the bunny to try and
cheer me up, looks like it worked doesn't it.

We have a large copy of the picture it's part of one
with me beside my sister, I look like I'm about to
get up and walk away, with a complete look of
disgust on my face. It's still not the best here it comes.

Look at the face on that!!!!

My Mum & Dad love that picture, my Dad says that, that's
the look I used to give when being told off, which wasn't
often as you can imagine.

moi, naughty, never!!.

There it is, I've remembered how to smile again
at last, either that or dad finally started to give
me pocket money.

This was taken at play school, I can remember it
being taken, mum had spent ages putting my fringe
in the slide just as they took the photo a bit came
out, it's one of my favourite pictures of me as a child.



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